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  • June 06, 2021 4 min read

    The Pacific Northwest has become the place to go – there are so many different places to travel to with things to do that are going to help you make memories you will never forget. From the beautiful nature and landmarks to the amazing bars and restaurants, there is something for every traveler!

    While the summer months can be super-hot, there are so many outdoor adventures waiting for you! We know how much you want to stay inside with your Nootkas house slippers, but we promise you that there is so much to be seen in Oregon and Washington! Whether you are a hiker and looking for some unforgettable day hikes, or you’re just looking to lounge on some famous beaches, we got you covered. We compiled a list of our top 5 favorite places in both Oregon and Washington.


    5 must-see things in Oregon:

    1. Cannon Beach

    Cannon Beach and Haystack Rock

    Located in northwest Oregon, this is a great day trip if you’re traveling to Oregon. This beach is known for its long, beautiful, and sandy shore. One standout thing about this beach is the tall standing rock you’ll see. This rock is known as Haystack Rock and it’s quite the sight. If you’ve never seen pictures of this before and you’re thinking about traveling here, go search this location now!


    2. Wallowa Lake

    Wallowa Lake

    If you’re looking to see some of the most beautiful mountains and views in Oregon, this place is a must-visit. The pictures are beautiful, but they don’t do it justice. This lake has earned its spot in the top places to visit when in Oregon – you’ll never experience nature like this.


    3. Portland – Washington Park

    Portland Rose Garden

    Known for being the largest city in Oregon, there are endless amounts of things to do in Portland! If you’re unsure about where to travel to and stay when in Oregon, Portland is the place to go! One place you need to go is Washington Park – this is one of the most popular places in Portland and it’s a great place to go when in the area. Here, you can visit the Oregon Zoo, the Japanese Gardens, or the world famous Rose Garden.


    4. Crater Lake National Park

    crater lake

    Located in southern Oregon in the Cascade mountains, this national park is known for the famous lake the runs through it – Crater Lake. If you’re looking for some of the most breathtaking views in Oregon, this is the place!


    5. Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

    Columbia River gorge

    The Columbia River Gorge is a canyon in the Pacific Northwest. With the water reaching up to 4,000 deep, and 80 miles of river, this is a great place for some outdoor adventures. Some of the most breathtaking views can be seen here – there are so many nature trails you can walk through that you’ll see something different every time. Whether you see the stunning waterfalls or the beautiful mountains, this is a great place for those who love exploring the outdoors.

    If you’re thinking about spending some time in Oregon this year, these are some of our favorite places that we love people to see. Oregon is such a beautiful state and it’s so full of life and nature – that’s why we love it so much!


    5 must-see things in Washington:

    1. Space Needle

    space needle

    If you’re going to Washington and have no idea where to start your travels, we have one answer for you: The Space Needle. Located in the heart of Seattle, the space needle stands tall at 605 feet high. This is one of the most iconic monuments in Washington and if you only have time for certain things, you need to make this one of them! Book a tour and head up to the observation deck and have some lunch or dinner at the rotating restaurant.


    2. Mount Rainer

    Mount Rainier

    If you’ve never heard of Mount Rainer before, it sometimes is referred to as Tahoma or Tacoma – which is what most people know it by. This mountain is a large and active stratovolcano in the Cascade Range of the Pacific Northwest right outside of Seattle. If you’re into seeing stuff like this, this is a must-see thing when in Washington! You’ll get some amazing pictures and seeing a live, active stratovolcano is not something everyone can say they’ve done before.


    3. Downtown Seattle

    Downtown Seattle

    Downtown Seattle is one of the most beautiful and lively cities ever. With hundreds of skyscrapers overlooking Elliot Bay, this compact city is one for the books. Spend the day shopping local crafts, produce, and handmade goods, and then enjoy some world-famous dinners in their various restaurant and bar options. You can also ride the giant Ferris wheel located right in the city, or you can head to the Seattle Aquarium – there are endless options in Downtown Seattle!


    4. Fairhaven Historic District

    Fairhaven historic district

    Back in 1883, Fairhaven became a settlement land in the state of Washington by Dan Harris. In the year 1903, it finally became part of the city of Bellingham and the rest is history (literally). If you and your travel buddies are into learning about the history of places you travel to, this is a must for you! Known for its colorful 19th-century architecture and history, this is a great spot for all travelers. Enjoy their artsy shops and cafes.


    5. Boeing Tour

    boeing factory tour
    Have you ever wondered how Boeing airplanes are made from start to finish? If you’re in Washington, you can learn! The Boeing Everett Factory is Seattle is where airplanes are built through an assembly line. This factory is the largest building in the world covering a total of 98.7 acres of land. If you can book a tour while in Washington, don’t miss it!

    Whether you’re traveling to Oregon or Washington, these are the best places you can visit when there. These are things that are sure to help you make unforgettable memories when you’re traveling to Oregon or Washington. Both places have adventures for all kinds of travelers – from those who like to hike and explore the beautiful outdoors, to those who love to relax on a beach all day. When you’re in either area, make sure to visit these must-see places!