Merino Wool Slippers and House Shoes for Men

Soft, cozy and hand crafted from responsibly sourced New Zealand wool and genuine suede. Our house slippers for men are not your average boiled wool slippers. Warm, breathable and naturally antimicrobial. These are the best slippers for cold and sweaty feet due to their natural wicking and odor fighting properties. Say goodbye to clammy feet and smelly slippers forever!

Our Men's wool slippers are:
  • Made from only all natural materials like merino wool and genuine suede
  • Humanely sourced and hand felted from cruelty free merino wool from New Zealand
  • Handmade in a Fair Trade facility using solar power and water reclamation
  • A labor of love, with each pair taking up to 3 days to hand felt and cure in the sun
  • One of the best slippers for sweaty feet due to the natural anti-microbial properties of natural wool
  • Excellent for cold feet as merino wool wicks away moisture and is naturally insulating and warm
  • Soft soled and recommended for indoor wear. Light outdoor wear is ok with black soles; tan soles will show dirt more easily
  • Biodegradable at the end of their wearable life