Caring for your Nootkas Slippers

Caring for felted wool slippers is similar to caring for a nice wool sweater. We recommend spot cleaning the wool with water and a gentle detergent as needed. Give your wool a good brushing with a wool brush, sweater brush or suede care brush from time to time. This will help refresh the fibers, restore some of the "fluff" and help remove any dirt or residue that has settled in. See our Care Page for more details and product recommendations

If you've been wearing your slippers for a while around the house and the suede sole is starting to look a little darker and dirty - don't despair. They are probably not "dirty" but are going through a natural process called 'patina'. Because the soles are natural suede leather, they will naturally darken with wear. This is nothing to worry about and won't impact the longevity of your slippers.

If they are a bit dirty you can remove dirt and stains with a rag and white vinegar, or with any of the suede cleaning products recommended on our Care Page.

Cleaning them with a cloth, brush and cleaning product will also rough up the "nap" a little bit and restore some of the original suede texture.

We don't recommend machine washing your slippers, even on the wool setting. Unless you have a foot form to insert to allow them to dry to shape they will probably dry misshapen or shrink.

Washing also damages the suede and reduces the lifespan of your slippers.

Wearing your Nootkas

Yes, but carefully! The suede sole will pick up dirt and debris if you are walking around on dirty surfaces. For a long life, we recommend wearing them indoors only, or on outdoor porches, patios and decks if they are kept relatively clean.

If your feet are hopelessly cold, here's an incredible little life hack. Without getting them wet (this is important) - toss your Nootkas slippers in the dryer for 2-3 minutes on high. They will retain the heat for quite a while and supercharge your foot warmth. It's like the coziest hug your feet have ever gotten! Trust us and try this one!

Are Nootkas right for me?

Definitely! For wide feet we typically recommend sizing up one size. The entire slipper is soft and can accommodate a variety of foot shapes

For narrow feet we recommend sizing down one size. The length may be slightly short, but with wear they should loosen enough to comfortably accommodate your foot.

All Nootkas slippers and house shoes are constructed with 2 layers of dense wool felt underneath the foot. This provides added padding and softens your step, while providing light support and cushioning. There is no shaped or structured support in our felted wool slippers. If you need substantial support for foot pain, Nootkas are probably not the best choice for you.