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  • January 07, 2022 2 min read

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    Having cold feet is such a drag. Whether your house is cold or you have poor circulation, the effect is the same - you're not comfortable, and you're distracted by it. When you're lounging and getting cozy, cold feet should be the furthest thing from your mind. Enter wool slippers! 

    There are a few things that need to happen in order for feet to get warm and stay warm. We're going to dive into this list and give you a few tips and tricks we've picked up along the way. You'll be enjoying roasty, toasty feet in no time. 

    1) Feet must be dry and stay dry! 

    This is the numero uno #1 most important factor in foot comfort. If your feet are damp, clammy or sweaty no amount of insulation is going to make them warm again. You first need to get them dry, and make sure your shoes, slipper, and socks are dry as well. The materials your footwear is made of plays a huge role in how dry your feet will stay. Shearling, cotton, fleece, etc. - these are common fabrics to have in slippers and socks. Unfortunately all of these will make your feet sweaty and then do nothing to reduce that moisture as you wear them. Only wool is naturally designed to wick moisture and breath to reduce dampness over time. 

    2.) Good insulation boosts the warming power of your natural body heat. 

    Your feet might feel cold, but they're always putting out heat. The materials in your slippers need to be able to capture and hold that heat inside, wool excels at this task. Each wool fiber is composed of protein molecules (keratin) organized into five follicles. These fibers effectively trap air.

    What is one of the best insulators in nature? Take a look at the windows in your home for a clue. If you have double paned windows, your windows are using air as the insulation between glass panes. Believe it or not, air combined with wool is one of the best thermal insulators you can get. Wool is also commonly used in place of fiberglass as a green alternative for home insulation. 

    Ok, so we're dry, we're insulated, what comes next?  

    3.) Add more heat with the dryer! 

    This is one of our favorite winter tips for getting your feet warm and keeping them that way. Throwing your slippers in the dryer for 5-10 minutes on high does a few great things for your tootsies: 

    • It dries out any foot moisture that might be lingering in the wool fibers
    • It adds heated air in between the wool fibers
    • It maintains this heated temperature for several minutes, allowing your foot temperature to normalize

    Don't worry, 5-10 minutes here and there won't harm your slippers. Just don't forget about them in there. Too much heat could dry out and crack the suede over time. 

    Watch the video for a quick look at how we get our feet super toasty: