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Nootkas Reviews for Wool Slippers, House Shoes & Alpaca Socks

Based on 336 reviews
Perfect Slippers

I found these slippers when googling "slippers that won't stink with sweaty feet." I had fleece-lined slippers for years, but I couldn't wear them without socks because my feet would sweat and they would smell so bad! I've worn my nootkas for a few weeks now and even vacuumed the house in them barefoot and they don't smell bad a bit (they actually smell kinda like sheep lol, but that's better than stinky feet smell, and it's only if you smell them really really closely)! I'm so thankful for these slippers! They are well worth the price. I got the size 37 and usually wear a 7-7.5, so I would recommend your usual size or a bit down (a 37 is 6.5-7.) especially if your feet run on the narrow side. They keep my feet warm without having socks on which is a great! Thanks for making a great product, nootka!


I love my slippers! They are comfortable, fit well and keep my feet warm. True to size fit. We did a sustainable gift exchange for Christmas and everyone was excited to get their Nootkas!

A cozy, comfy, high quality slipper

I love my nootka house shoes in blue. I wear them with normal weight cotton socks. I am a size 8 and I bought a size 38 and they fit wonderfully. As soon as I walk through the door I put them on. I live in Arizona but it still gets chilly. I also purchased the slippers but decided I liked the house shoe best because they stayed on my feet better so I returned the slipper. I have owned wool slippers before however, the leather soles on the Nootkas makes a big difference. I am really happy with my purchase. I want to get another color now!

I could sleep in these!!

These are the most awesome house slippers I ever had, and I’m not exxagerating! So comfortable, easy to put on and take off, very light, very warm, and very stylish! The sole does get dirty, although I only wear them inside. I’ve been wearing them everyday for about a month and they don’t smell at all! I should probably wash them with a cloth but I’m a bit scared that I’d destroy them. Any tips I’d appreciate. Here’s a pic of them after being worn for a month. My house is not that dirty but I do have cats, lol! Interestingly, they left them alone :)

New favorite house shoe!!

I love these house shoes! I have worn these daily for about a week so that I could give an honest review. They are very comfortable and do not make my feet sweat. They have stretched a little bit, but still stay on my feet. I normally wear a women’s nine and these are size 8 1/2 to a nine. I have worn these outside a couple of times which I don’t recommend. They are a house shoe with a suede bottom (not slippery) that is not meant for the outdoors. The wool is very soft and comfortable. I received in the oatmeal color and it’s the exact color I would think oatmeal would be. I have nothing negative to say about these house shoes and highly recommend! They would be great for gifting as they come with a cute carry bag as well.

Very comfortable, flexible fit

Edit: Nootkas contacted me after my review and suggested I massage the toes of my slippers to mold them to my foot better and adjust the shape. I did and it has helped a lot. They aren’t perfectly even as one toe is a bit bigger than the other but that is the nature of handmade products and adds to their charm. My slippers have really molded to my foot and just get more comfortable with wear.

No stinky, sweaty feet,
Very lightweight,
Comfortable for all day wear,
Fit adjusts to your foot given time

Odd shaped toe.

I have a very small foot, typically a 5-5.5 US, but gave these a shot because I figured if they were loose I could add and insole or wear thick socks. I was pleasantly surprised that they actually stay on my foot quite well, in spite of the fact that they are definitely a bit big. The toe is a little puffy looking and seems longer than necessary for the size, even given that these are a half size too big. Because of that they don’t look as cute on me as the pictures. That said, I love them and they feel like they are starting to mold to my foot. My feet tend to sweat profusely, even barefoot in cool weather and they get smelly quickly. I haven’t had sweaty feet in these yet and my feet don’t smell after wearing all day which has never happened before. They are significantly lighter than any other slipper I’ve owned and feel quite soft and not itchy at all. I give these a solid 5 stars.

Hi Heather, thank you for your feedback. You may be able to adjust the shape of the toe by giving your slippers a little massage in the right direction. The wool is very flexible and can be manipulated and reshaped to some degree. Thanks! - Nootkas

So Cozy and Warm

I bought these to wear in the office where my feet get cold from A/C and cement floors. They are cozy and warm, provide soft cushion, and frankly make me want to take a nap. Very happy with them. I am taking them with me when I travel as they are lighter than my Uggs.

Comfy and my fave color

Love these and the color! Will probably get another pair down the road.


These slippers are great. They are warm but not suffocating, soft but sturdy, and my experience communicating with the company was outstanding. I would highly recommend these.

Very pleased

Hi folks. I am not only impressed with the slippers, but with the quick and friendly service.

Warm and quiet

Just started using my Nootka slippers. They fit just as advertised. I got them so I could slip some sort of foot covering off and on while caring for my granddaughter. I usually wear sandals or clogs and I had a hard time finding slippers with a soft sole that I liked.
My bare feet made more noise than I liked on the tile while the slippers keep my footsteps more silent and keep my feet warm.

Nootkas Naturals | Women's Astoria Wool House Slippers
Jillian S.
The most comfortable slippers with the BEST customer service around!

These are the most comfortable slippers I have ever had. I love them! Plus, I sent a note over to the customer care team and they were so prompt and helpful. Now, I am thinking about who I can gift these to next. Nootkas rock.

Shine ON

Best slippers ever! Best customer service ever!

My Nootkas are the most comfortable slippers I have ever worn. I know what everyone is getting for Christmas 2021!!


I love my house shoes! They keep my feet warm, not sweaty!

Love my Nootkas!

So comfortable and cozy + great customer service !!

Love these!!!

I love my Nootkas!! I was tired of walking on cold tile, and I had the hardest time finding something that made me feel like I was walking barefoot. I did not want a hard sole. These have been perfect and they keep my feet so warm!! I wear 6.5 shoes, and I went with the 37. I’m able to wear thick socks with them, which is what I preferred. I would recommend going down a size if you want to go barefoot.
Also love that the wool is responsibly sourced and the slippers are fair trade!

Favorite Slippers Yet!

These are my favorite slippers to date. They are keeping me warm in this cold winter and I love the way they look on. I never thought I’d say it but I prefer these to any leather option I’ve bought in the past.

Warm but not sweaty

Very happy with my slippers! They look timeless in their style and definitely keep my feet warm in the PNW winter but not sweaty (aka smelly). They are different in shape as compared to the typical slippers you buy at the store that are very fuzzy on the inside so it was a different feel at first, like a little looser and not as form fitting. However they are lovely and I’m very happy to have discovered them.

Best shoes ever!

I wore these for the first time today and in addition to being incredibly comfortable, I got compliments everywhere I went. They are a real find, do not hesitate to buy them for yourself or someone special. They are true to size, I wear a size 8 1/2 and bought size 39. If you lean more toward a nine, go for the 40 and you’ll have room for a pair of woolly socks. I keep my Astoria house slippers on one side of the door for when I come home and these on the other side for when I venture out.

warm and sustainable

Was looking for a sustainable slipper and a blog/website suggested these and I love them! They are warm and the neutral tones matched whatever i’m wearing for the work from home day.

Super comfy slippers

Love the feel of the footbed and the wool uppers which are comfortable without being hot and making my feet sweat.

Nootkas Victoria House Shoe

Amazing warmth and comfort: the gift that keeps on giving. Each time I put these on my feet are happy! Consumer caution: they run large. I wear 37 in clogs and bought these in 37 to have to exchange for a 36.

Wool Slippers: The way to go

Temperature regulating and no sweat!

Good Slippers

I would recommend. A great slipper for indoor use. I wear them everyday.

So glad I bought these!!

Having gone through yet another pair of slippers in a short amount of time, I launched a search for a replacement which could keep up with me for the long haul while providing optimal comfort. I believe I've made a great investment. My Nootkas are incredibly comfortable and are showing every sign of being able to withstand longterm use. I especially like the soft sole for hardwood floors. I'm loving these slippers! Ordering was easy and efficient. Shipping and delivery were prompt and accompanied with timely updates. Great experience! Great product!