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  • Nootkas Reviews for Wool Slippers, House Shoes & Alpaca Socks

    Based on 406 reviews
    Awesome slippers

    Comfy, warm, and love that you can wear them for a quick trip outside. I'd love to see them in green :)

    Great slipper—horrible chew toy

    Great slipper, but did not hold up well when a foster pup thought it was a chew toy. :(

    Men's 'Newport' Wool House Shoe
    Arthur T. (Washington)
    Perfect for what I was looking for

    My feet are slightly wide, just enough to make finding comfortable shoes challenging. They are too narrow for the wide feet stores. These fit me like they were tailor made (or is that cobbler made?). They so comfortable, and my feet are staying warm in cold days. Just what I was looking for.

    Love these slippers

    Well made and comfortable! I have been wearing them everyday. I wear a 9 or 9.5 and a fairly wide feet than most women. 39 fits well without sox or with a pair of thin sox.

    Highly recommend!

    The house slippers were our forth purchase of Nootkas slippers ( mine and husband’s) and that should speak volumes! They are comfortable and work remarkably well in all seasons.

    Love My Nootkas!

    I LOVE the no sweat factor. Every pair of slippers I had made my feet soggy with sweat…(I know…gross). I wasn’t too sure on the low heel part of the slipper. I didn’t like it at first—but I quickly got used to it. I love the quality of the build as well. Immediately the impression I got was, “These are going to still be around, being used by me, if by God’s grace I make it to my nineties”.

    The best slippers ever

    I pretty much haven’t taken these slippers off since I got them. They’re so comfortable and very cute on. I love how easy they are to slip on & off (which is very helpful when carrying a baby all around the house), while still feeling like a house shoe - love the leather soles. These are definitely worth the extra money I paid over getting another pair of madewell or llbean slippers. The felted wool keeps my feet so warm & cozy but I love that they don’t smell at all after weeks of wear. Highly recommend!!

    Love my Astoria Noir Wool House Slippers

    I recently purchased the Astoria Noir Wool House Slippers from Nootka, and I am thoroughly impressed with their comfort and quality. The natural wool construction provides warmth and breathability, while the cushioned sole offers substantial support for indoor wear. The minimalist design and noir color add a touch of understated elegance, making them a stylish addition to my at-home wardrobe. They strike the perfect balance between luxury and functionality, and I find them to be an essential part of my daily routine. Highly recommend for anyone seeking cozy, chic, and durable slippers.

    Very happy

    I have been on the slipper hunt for awhile and in searching hit upon Nootka. The small company appealed to me so I thought I would try them and glad I did! I had a hard time deciding which style and settled on the Newport that were on sale. I’m very happy ! They are warm, and I like that I can wear them without socks and they feel cozy without my feet perspiring. They do not have support so I mostly wear them morning and end of day. Had to exchange for size - first pair too big- received great communication and customer service! I recommend the slippers and the company. I hope to order a pair of the Victoria for a more sturdy option during the day.

    Pretty much perfect

    Everything I was looking for: comfortable, good looking, durable, and most importantly they keep my feet at just the right temp. I've been looking for years for a slipper that doesn't make my feet uncomfortably hot after wearing for extended periods. These win the competition, hands down

    Warm slippers

    I had been looking for a pair of wool house slippers for awhile that would be comfortable and keep my feet from smelling like they do with synthetic materials. These are great at keeping your feet warm and my feet don't smell!

    I had no idea I had a high instep (referenced in the description) until I got these slippers, so they were a bit snug at first, but are getting more comfortable as I wear them. The small rim on the back of the slipper is a bit tight even though I ordered a size larger than normal (ordered a 41), and that can get a bit uncomfortable if I'm wearing them for a longer period of time, so next time I will order up (but think I need to order in mens to get a 42). Overall I'm pleased with these slippers

    Best slipper I've owned

    Ordered my size, which were definitely too big. One size smaller were perfect. Customer service was excellent.

    Cannot Recommend Enough

    These slippers are so amazing, they stretch but not too much, they don't stink up your feet and most importantly they're so comfortable. After my dog chewed up my first pair, I ordered a second without hesitation! I have had nothing but positive experience with the customer service team and I am so thankful to have stumbled upon this brand. Highly recommend to anyone who loves a wool slipper.


    Bought for my daughter and she raves about these slippers. She said they are so comfortable and versatile. She has a casita attached by a breezeway and can walk between the main house and the casita without having to change to shoes. Big thumbs up!

    Only perfect

    Comfortable, lightweight, breathable and quiet. Love 'um. Perfect for my pine floors, no scuff marks or scratches.
    Highly recommend

    Wonderful slippers!

    I love these slippers. They fit well and are very comfortable to wear them year round. I like them so much, I bought slippers for family members.

    Wonderful socks!

    These Alpaca wool socks are the most comfortable socks I own. I have two pair and will be buying more.


    I initially ordered a different color than Heather, but they immediately processed my request once I changed my mind. After getting my new slippers in the color I really liked, I didn't take them off in the house. They fit my feet well, are super comfortable, and keep me warm. The only thing I found interesting is that the bottom sole attracts more than I expected. Still love them nonetheless. Excited and hopeful these last me a long time! Thank you for my elegant, sustainable slippers!

    Great Slippers!

    Perfect fit. Keeps my feet both at the perfect temperature regardless of room temperature and without my feet sweating.

    Women's Astoria Noir Wool House Slippers
    Terrie P. (North Carolina)
    Women's Astoria Wool House Slippers

    I purchased the slippers because of the soft bottom surface because my old slippers scratched up my wood floors. I bought my first pair sometime last year. At first I didn't like them because my heels hurt because they didn't have as much padding as my old slippers so I stopped wearing them for a few months. I started wearing them again and haven't looked back. My heels no longer hurt and I really like the slippers so I order two more pair.

    Men's 'Newport' Wool House Shoe
    Richard B. (Washington)
    Excellent Balance of Thermoregulation - Needs more toe space

    I really love these slippers. I was looking for a quality slipper that would allow a barefoot experience with some warmth in the house. I can’t stand overheating in footwear so these were perfect. My toes feel a little cramped and I hoped the slippers would loosen in the toe box over time, but still feel a little snug after 4 weeks. Build quality is excellent and these would be 5 star slippers if just a little more room in the toes.

    Incredibly comfortable!

    Such a pleasure to put these on-- I love them!

    Leon’s slippers

    They are very comfortable. I wear them at home all the time.

    Men's Astoria Wool House Slippers
    Siraya K. (Minnesota)
    Great Slippers

    Comfortable and cozy. Gave them as a gift and they seem well made.

    Most comfortable socks ever!

    They just feel good in any climate and work for almost any occasion. I’ll buy again!