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Nootkas Reviews for Wool Slippers, House Shoes & Alpaca Socks

Based on 261 reviews
Women's Astoria Wool House Slippers
Heather L. (Washington)
Very comfortable, flexible fit

Edit: Nootkas contacted me after my review and suggested I massage the toes of my slippers to mold them to my foot better and adjust the shape. I did and it has helped a lot. They aren’t perfectly even as one toe is a bit bigger than the other but that is the nature of handmade products and adds to their charm. My slippers have really molded to my foot and just get more comfortable with wear.

No stinky, sweaty feet,
Very lightweight,
Comfortable for all day wear,
Fit adjusts to your foot given time

Odd shaped toe.

I have a very small foot, typically a 5-5.5 US, but gave these a shot because I figured if they were loose I could add and insole or wear thick socks. I was pleasantly surprised that they actually stay on my foot quite well, in spite of the fact that they are definitely a bit big. The toe is a little puffy looking and seems longer than necessary for the size, even given that these are a half size too big. Because of that they don’t look as cute on me as the pictures. That said, I love them and they feel like they are starting to mold to my foot. My feet tend to sweat profusely, even barefoot in cool weather and they get smelly quickly. I haven’t had sweaty feet in these yet and my feet don’t smell after wearing all day which has never happened before. They are significantly lighter than any other slipper I’ve owned and feel quite soft and not itchy at all. I give these a solid 5 stars.

Hi Heather, thank you for your feedback. You may be able to adjust the shape of the toe by giving your slippers a little massage in the right direction. The wool is very flexible and can be manipulated and reshaped to some degree. Thanks! - Nootkas

Women's 'Carson' Wool House Shoe
Nicole T. (California)
So Cozy and Warm

I bought these to wear in the office where my feet get cold from A/C and cement floors. They are cozy and warm, provide soft cushion, and frankly make me want to take a nap. Very happy with them. I am taking them with me when I travel as they are lighter than my Uggs.

Comfy and my fave color

Love these and the color! Will probably get another pair down the road.


These slippers are great. They are warm but not suffocating, soft but sturdy, and my experience communicating with the company was outstanding. I would highly recommend these.

Men's Astoria Wool House Slippers
Robert B. (Newfoundland and Labrador)
Very pleased

Hi folks. I am not only impressed with the slippers, but with the quick and friendly service.

Women's Astoria Wool House Slippers
Stephanie K. (Oklahoma)
Warm and quiet

Just started using my Nootka slippers. They fit just as advertised. I got them so I could slip some sort of foot covering off and on while caring for my granddaughter. I usually wear sandals or clogs and I had a hard time finding slippers with a soft sole that I liked.
My bare feet made more noise than I liked on the tile while the slippers keep my footsteps more silent and keep my feet warm.

Nootkas Naturals | Women's Astoria Wool House Slippers
Jillian S. (Indiana)
The most comfortable slippers with the BEST customer service around!

These are the most comfortable slippers I have ever had. I love them! Plus, I sent a note over to the customer care team and they were so prompt and helpful. Now, I am thinking about who I can gift these to next. Nootkas rock.

Shine ON

Best slippers ever! Best customer service ever!

My Nootkas are the most comfortable slippers I have ever worn. I know what everyone is getting for Christmas 2021!!


I love my house shoes! They keep my feet warm, not sweaty!

Love my Nootkas!

So comfortable and cozy + great customer service !!

Women's Astoria Wool House Slippers
Alejandra M. (Arizona)
Love these!!!

I love my Nootkas!! I was tired of walking on cold tile, and I had the hardest time finding something that made me feel like I was walking barefoot. I did not want a hard sole. These have been perfect and they keep my feet so warm!! I wear 6.5 shoes, and I went with the 37. I’m able to wear thick socks with them, which is what I preferred. I would recommend going down a size if you want to go barefoot.
Also love that the wool is responsibly sourced and the slippers are fair trade!

Favorite Slippers Yet!

These are my favorite slippers to date. They are keeping me warm in this cold winter and I love the way they look on. I never thought I’d say it but I prefer these to any leather option I’ve bought in the past.

Warm but not sweaty

Very happy with my slippers! They look timeless in their style and definitely keep my feet warm in the PNW winter but not sweaty (aka smelly). They are different in shape as compared to the typical slippers you buy at the store that are very fuzzy on the inside so it was a different feel at first, like a little looser and not as form fitting. However they are lovely and I’m very happy to have discovered them.

Best shoes ever!

I wore these for the first time today and in addition to being incredibly comfortable, I got compliments everywhere I went. They are a real find, do not hesitate to buy them for yourself or someone special. They are true to size, I wear a size 8 1/2 and bought size 39. If you lean more toward a nine, go for the 40 and you’ll have room for a pair of woolly socks. I keep my Astoria house slippers on one side of the door for when I come home and these on the other side for when I venture out.

Best Slippers

I purchased my first pair of Nookas 4 years ago and immediately loved the warmth and comfort. The product is so well constructed that my first pair looks as good as new. I have since bought a pair for my son and a second pair for myself.

must have

I love these slippers/house shoes. I'm on my second pair. When I first wore my initial pair there was about a week's worth of breaking in required. After that, I find these incredibly comfortable. There was no break in period with my second pair. I wear them in the house constantly in summer and winter. My first pair lasted well over a year which I was completely happy with as I am very hard on house shoes. ( I may have worn them a little outside which is not recommended!) This has now become a must have for me. I even take them when I'm spending time in hotels or friend's houses. I highly recommend them. However, if you need a lot of cushion in your shoes, these may not be right for you. In my opinion, these are well worth the price. And the service has been excellent.

Women's Astoria Wool House Slippers
Diane M. (New Jersey)
Just WOW!!!

I’m totally hooked!! I love wearing slippers especially in the Fall & Winter months. I’ve had many different brands from cheaper Dearfoams to Land’s End. I am in between sizes 8 - 8.5. I picked the size 39 & they fit perfect! My search for slippers has ended! My Nootkas are absolutely by far, the best slippers I’ve ever had!! If you’re on the fence about purchasing, do it!! You deserve it!! Quality at its finest!

Great slippers, but NOT for small feet

I always hesitate to buy online when returns are not free. Unfortunately, I went ahead and ordered these slippers, because they are exactly what I was looking for. I have a small, wide foot - size 5.5 to 6. I ordered the smallest size available - a 36 as recommended for size 5.5 to 6 - and they were a full size too big. The site does say that the slippers run large and wide, but still - I did not anticipate that the smallest size would be too large. So now I have to pay for the return shipping and a return fee by the company. These are great slippers, but if you have small feet - a size 6 or smaller - don't order. They will be too big.

Women's Astoria Wool House Slippers
Dede W. (Massachusetts)
Not a big hit

I am not in love with these slippers. The shape and design it’s not flattering to my feet. They are comfy enough. But the soles which are white are already completely gross looking after just two weeks of wearing.
When they first arrived, I thought I would just send them back and actually filled out a return form. But then I learned there was a restocking fee and that it was very expensive to ship them back to the West Coast, so I just caved and kept them. But I was not happy about it.

Hi Dede,
We're sorry if there was any confusion about our returns process. We pay for return shipping and you would've been able to print a free return label - we do not make customers pay for shipping under most circumstances, including returns. We recommend you wear your tan soles indoors only because they can stain more easily than the black soles. Here's a link to our slipper care page:
We've had good success with cleaning the tan soles using the instructions on that page.

Women's Astoria Wool House Slippers
Jennifer C. (Michigan)
Wanted to love these

I loved the look of these slippers and the wool construction, but the heel was uncomfortable for me. I generally wear a 6.5 shoe, but the 37 was much too big, and my feet slipped out of them, and the 36 rubbed on the heel when walking. Sadly, I had to return them.

Love my slippers!! High quality... and keep my feet at just the right temp :D

These nootkas are the best!! My feet are always too cold or too hot, but these are just right. Nicely made, great quality!


Love these house slippers.

Good start......

They're soft, comfortable, well made, and I wished I could give them 5 stars. - BUT the toe box is VERY narrow. II do not have a wide foot, have never had a problem with normal shoes/slippers. Originally I ordered a 39, which seemed a little sloppy so I returned for a 38. I really am somewhere inbetween the two... I do think the 39's would have been betterfor me. Had I found these in a store and could have compared them side by side, it would have helped. At this point I don't want to return again - Nootkas was very nice the first time with my return, I don't want to be a problem. Bottom line: I honestly don't know how long I'll be able to wear these because it does feel like my toes are being squeezed together - and that's uncomfortable.

Love these!

They run just a hair small but do conform to your feet over time. They’re not too warm, not too cold. Just enough support to keep my feet and back from hurting after a day running around after two energetic boys.

Women's Astoria Noir Wool House Slippers
Edison A.D. (Pennsylvania)
Great slippers.

My wife loves these slippers. Her second pair.