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    At Nootkas, we’re about finding joy in simple things, like family, friends and healthy living. We believe that choosing sustainable, natural fabrics is a form of self care. Using and wearing natural fibers is important to us, and we work hard to keep our products free of plastics, chemicals and synthetic fibers that can pollute the environment and irritate your skin. Wellness is more than eating healthy foods and maintaining balance in your life. To us, it also means choosing clothing, products, food and where possible, footwear that is in sync with our values.

    What does Nootkas mean? Nootka Island and Nootka Sound are located where the British Columbia meets the Pacific Ocean on the west coast of Vancouver Island. We were inspired by the rugged, timeless beauty of this area and it is a place that holds special personal meaning for us. 

    Pronouncing Nootkas: Nootkas is pronounced just like the word "foot" + "kuhs"

    The name for Nootkas was inspired by childhood fishing trips to Nootka Island in British Columbia. There's nothing in the world quite as cozy as sitting next to a crackling wood fire, looking out the window over the water while rain gently taps against the glass....while wearing a cozy pair of wool slippers of course : )


    Why we started Nootkas

    Nootkas found its inspiration thanks in part to the rainy Pacific Northwest and its grey, drizzly seasons that are spent indoors. Similar in climate to many Nordic countries, but with much more rain. The Pacific Northwest inspires a certain level of cozy satisfaction with staying indoors, a sentiment akin to what the Danish call "Hygge." 

    After spending time with family in Scandinavia and Northern Europe, we became familiar with the concept of a house shoe or house slipper. The slippers are traditionally left in the entry way and are swapped with your street or work shoes when you get home.

    We took this practice back home, but couldn't find the perfect house slipper...and we tried them all! We wanted a classic shape, minimalist styling with breathable, natural wool that was warm, soft and fuzzy, not dense and stiff like many boiled wool slippers. After trying and failing to find the perfect wool slipper, we decided to make it ourselves. We hope you will enjoy your slippers as much as we've enjoyed bringing them to you!

    While we're not associated with the Nootka tribe (now known as The Nuu-chah-nulth) of western Canada, we hold deep respect for their history, heritage and the beautiful area that carries their historical name. 

     - the Nootkas Family 

    nootkas astoria slipper by fireplace

    Relaxing in front of our DIY outdoor fireplace (IPA not shown)

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