How Covid-19 is dramatically changing what we wear. For the better.

Slippers are now a work shoe 

Comfortable shoes are also on everyone’s mind. Sales of sneakers, running shoes and slippers are up while demand for dress shoes is down. Now that folks are staying home and working remotely they are increasingly reaching for something comfortable and cozy to put on their feet in the morning. Americans are also branching out and searching for more sustainable footwear choices that match their values. 

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Our Favorite Winter Weekend Getaways in Oregon

The Pacific Northwest is full of places to explore, and while winter in the region means a chilly and mostly cloudy few months, there’s no need to spend the whole season at home. While curling up on the sofa with your Nooktas and a good book is the perfect way to spend the colder months, Oregon is full of spots that are just too perfect to explore for a weekend getaway. 
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Why Wool Slippers Make The Perfect Holiday Gift

With Christmas just around the corner, everyone’s wondering what to get for their loved ones. Or just in case they’ve found the perfect gift for everyone, what to get for the people they haven’t yet found something. We’re here to let you know why you should opt for handmade wool products as the perfect holiday gift. 

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What is the difference between Boiled Wool and Felted Wool?

Most people have heard of both felted wool and boiled wool, but what is the difference between the two? In this article, we will explore the differences in manufacturing processes, products each is used for, and the properties of the finished material.
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Different types of wool: From Alpaca to Zelazna

When I was young, and heard (herd?) the word “wool” I thought of wool sweaters and I assumed that all wool comes from sheep. I even thought that there was only one type of sheep - the cute white ones with the black faces. Of course, I was fairly young then, but as grew up, obviously I learned that there were actually many different kinds of sheep. And many different animals that were used for wool. In this article, I will describe some of the many types of wool, what it is used for, and where it comes from.
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Why Felted Wool Slippers are the Best Slippers for Cold Feet

The warmest slippers for cold feet are made of felted wool!

  • Felted wool is the best material for slippers due to it's anti-microbial, wicking and insulating properties. Plus it is natural and sustainable.
  • Wool felt is the perfect insulator and has been keeping people warm for thousands of years.
  • Wool's natural properties not only insulate, but they breathe and wick away moisture. Keeping feet dry is vital to maintaining a consistent, warm temperature in the slipper.
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