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  • April 19, 2021 5 min read

    What are zero drop shoes and where did the idea come from?

    Zero drop shoes stems from the term that was first created by the makers of Altra Shoes. The term references different styles of shoes where the heel height is the exact same height as where the ball of your foot would naturally sit. If you were to stand barefoot on a completely flat surface, you’d notice that your heel and the ball of your foot (the area closer to your toes) sits at the exact same height.

    Zero Drop versus minimally cushioned shoe

    Most shoe styles, specifically running shoes, don’t tend to follow and enhance the natural shape of your foot. The heels on the shoes tend to be a lot higher from the ground than the ball of your foot is, forcing your foot into an unnatural position that will over time cause issues. The reason shoe companies create their shoes this way is that they are trying to reduce the amount of force you feel whenever you take a step, but oddly enough, it does the exact opposite.

    A lot of people are starting to notice issues they have with sneakers, and a lot of people are switching to zero drop sneakers, and a lot more shoe companies are starting to make zero drop shoes. Zero drop shoes feature one height of shoe and typically tend to look much flatter and thinner than the shoes you’re typically used to. 

    Zero drop slippers, also known as barefoot slippers follow the same idea as zero drop shoes and have their own health benefits. Because you likely wear them more often than your street shoes or workout shoes it's definitely worth looking into. Read more about Zero Drop Slippers here. 

    Benefits of zero drop shoes?

    Zero drop shoes are a much better option not only for your feet but also for your body! The shoes you wear on your feet daily can have a huge impact on the alignment of your body, and if you aren’t wearing the proper shoes, you can run into a lot of issues in the future. Wearing zero drop shoes have so many benefits to them, here are some of the most important benefits.

    1. Decreases impact

    We are trained to think that a thinker sole on our sneakers means our joints will feel the impact of our steps less – that’s wrong! By having a shoe sole that’s higher on your heel than it is on the ball of your foot, you’re actually creating a higher impact for the ball of your foot. Since zero drop shoes feature a flat sole, you are decreasing the amount of impact your joints feel every time you take a step.

    2. More natural feeling

    If you make the switch to zero drop shoes, it may feel weird at first but once you get used to it you’ll notice how much more natural it feels. Zero drop shoes provide you with a solid, stable, and connected feel with the ground and you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the switch earlier.

    3. They are light

    Since these shoes don’t have thick, heavy soles, these shoes are SO much lighter on your feet. This reduces the amount of stress and pressure your joints will feel as you continue to wear them more and more.

    4. They strengthen your feet

    There have been many studies that show how wearing zero drops shoes can help to strengthen your foot since it will no longer rely on the support of your old shoes that have a thick sole.

    5. Decrease chance for injury

    Since some shoes were designed to be tighter and more secure, they can restrict your joints such as your toes, ankles, and legs – causing them not to function properly which is how injuries happen. Since zero drop shoes have less material and they are far less restricting, and they allow your ankle, toes, and legs to move as they should, you’ll avoid injury by wearing these kinds of shoes.

    Why podiatrists recommend zero drop shoes

    Many podiatrists recommend zero drop shoes simply because they don’t affect the natural curve and structure of your foot. Emily Splichal, DPM, stated that “Zero drop shoes position your toes and heel so that they’re level. This puts your foot in the same position as if you were walking around with bare feet.”

    Her, along with many other specialists recommend zero drop shoes because it keeps everything else in your body aligned. These kinds of shoes actually decrease the impact your feet, your ankles, your knees, and your hips feel every time you take a step – all those body parts are connected so if one is out of alignment, they all are – that’s why these shoes are highly recommended by Podiatrists. They love them because they keep your feet aligned how they should be, and they decrease the pressure your feet joints and your body joints feel.

    Because these shoes are might lighter on your feet, it helps them to function properly and you can move around easier, which actually decreases your chance of getting seriously injured.

    Nootkas Zero Drop Slippers & Shoes

    If we’ve convinced you to switch to zero drop shoes, then we want to be the first ones to introduce you to your next favorite shoes! We sell zero drop styles that are sure to make your feet and body happy. Here are some of our best-selling zero drop slippers and shoes:

    1. Astoria Wool House Slippers

    These wool slippers are sure to be your new favorites. Hand-felted with responsibly sourced New Zealand wool, these slippers are soft, cozy, and super cute! Shaped to fit your sleek and modern style, these slippers are warm, breathable, and the best part? They won’t hold onto odor, meaning they’ll last you much longer than your typical slippers!

    2. Carson Wool House Shoe

    Made out of Merino wool, these shoes are made to be worn both indoors and outdoors. These zero drop shoes were hand-felted in Mongolia with responsibly sourced Mongolian merino as well as other local wools. The rubber soles allow for easy walking indoors and outdoors, and they provide your feet with the necessary support they need.

    3. Aurora Wool Slide Slipper

    These slide slippers are comfortable and extremely versatile. Crafted with soft, felted wool and natural rubber soles, these are convenient indoor and outdoor slippers with zero drop so your feet can be warm, comfortable, and healthy. 


    Zero drop shoes are made for those with health and wellness in mind. Zero drop shoes are the shoes you’ve been dreaming of. If you’re interested in learning more about zero drop shoes, and the selection of zero drop wool slippers we offer, make sure to check visit our store.