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  • July 01, 2021 4 min read

    If you’re just getting into the world of zero drop shoes, your first question is probably asking why people chose this style of shoe over regular shoes. There are so many reasons why people who believe in the power of zero drop shoes chose to switch to only wearing zero drop shoes such as:

    • They’re better for your feet
    • They help strengthen your feet
    • They help improve balance
    • They decrease your chance for injury
    • They allow your feet to move and function naturally

    People who chose zero-drop shoes are typically more aware of how regular shoes can actually cause more issues over time if you aren’t wearing the right shoes with the right amount of support in your arches. That’s why so many people switch to zero drop – there’s no need to worry if a particular style of sneaker is right for you since there is no drop in sole thickness, it’s the same size the entire shoe length.

    Those who only wear zero drop shoes see normal running shoes as bad and harmful, but there are obviously two sides to every story, and today we are going to touch on the controversy over regular running shoes. When you come back from your run - whether in zero-drop shoes or regular runners, you should reach for your Nootkas Astoria slippers to help refresh your feet. Our Astoria slippers are zero drop, padded for comfort and let your feet stretch and land naturally and neutrally. They're the perfect compliment to your post-workout glow. 


    The controversy over running shoes

    zero drop running shoe

    Believe it or not, the fight over normal running shoes and zero drop running shoes is much bigger than you’d expect. There are extremists on both sides, and then there are those in the middle.

    The people who are for zero drop shoes believe that our feet should be treated just as any other body part and we should take care of our feet – they’re the only ones we get. The people who are for zero drop shoes make the following argument when it comes to zero drop vs regular running shoes:

    • Zero drop allows your feet to move naturally

    Because there isn’t much structure to zero drop shoes, they tend to allow your foot to move more naturally. If you are walking on a rocky road and your foot slides and ankle rolls, wearing zero drop shoes can allow your ankle to roll in a way that’s natural and won’t cause pain whereas if you were wearing a pair of normal walking shoes, your ankle would almost get caught on the shoe causing more pain than necessary.
    • They decrease your chance of injury

    While zero drop shoes typically tend to be smaller, thinner, and much more flexible, they cause fewer ankle and foot injuries than normal shoes do. In our example above, when you wear zero drop shoes and step on a rock and roll your ankle, your ankle can move normally to recover, whereas normal sneakers would cause your ankle to roll more than it would with zero drop shoes. Meaning, regular walking, and running shoes increase your chance of injury.
    • They enhance foot health

    Because your foot has more room to move in your zero drop shoes, it can gain strength when walking or running. Your foot has so many muscles and nerves in it, that if you are walking a rocky path and you are slipping, sliding, and rolling, your muscles can tense and loosen up easier since they have more room – making your feet stronger and healthier naturally.


    Now for the other side of the controversy… Some people are so against zero drop shoes and can’t believe that other people wear them. Here’s what this side has to say about zero drop shoes:

    • At risk for injury

    The people on this side of the argument think that zero drop shoes don’t give your foot or ankle enough support – especially when walking or running a bumpy trail. They think you need support in your arches as well as by your ankle if you want to avoid injury.
    • Increase pressure on joints

    People who don’t prefer zero drop shoes state the reason is that zero drop shoes don’t offer enough shock absorption as normal running sneakers do. They say they couldn’t get used to zero drop shoes because their feet could feel everything they stepped on and it causes joint pain afterward while normal running shoes didn’t give them that issue. This is a common reason why people are against zero drop shoes – they say running shoes have a thick sole that absorbs the shock they experience when they take a step.


    zero drop running shoes

    What helps promote long-term foot health?

    Your foot health is extremely important to your overall body health. If your feet are bothering you, odds are another body part such as your knees, hips, back, or neck is bothering you. Everything in your body is connected so if one thing is off, all things are off. There are so many different factors that help promote long-term foot health, but here are some of our favorite tips:

    1. Wear shoes that are the proper size

    If you are one of those people that squeezes their feet into a smaller shoe, please stop doing that! Squeezing your foot into a shoe is only going to cause major issues down the road. When buying new shoes, you want to ensure you are buying shoes that are the correct size, and the correct width. Wearing shoes that fit your feet properly will ensure your feet stay happy and healthy long-term.


    2. Try to wear flats and flip-flops as little as possible

    Most people think this tip doesn’t apply to them – but this applies to everyone. Please try to limit the amount of time you wear flats, slides, or flip-flops. These kinds of shoes offer no support and can cause major issues down the line.


    3. Exercise your feet

    Yes, there is a way to do it! Keeping your feet strong and flexible will do wonders for their health long-term. Doing foot exercises daily or weekly can help to keep them healthy for the years ahead.

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