Slipper Care

Your slippers are a handmade product made with natural materials. They will last for several years, and they will form to your feet with wear. They do not need to be treated in anyway, however, we have found the steps below will keep them looking their best:

  • Don’t put them in the washer, even on hand wash!

We tested this to see how they would hold up and while they did hold their shape, we can’t recommend this as a cleaning option as it’s likely one or both slippers will shrink or deform with water and agitation in the washing machine. It will also dry out the suede and reduce its resiliency.
  • If you spill something on the wool or the suede gets dirty, use a damp cloth and mild soap (if needed) on the stain. Use water sparingly, but it’s ok to dampen and let them air dry.
  • We don't recommend wearing your Astoria slippers outdoors unless you have waterproofed or treated the soles before hand. Our natural suede sole is meant for indoor wear only.
  • Pre-treating the suede sole is not necessary, but will help extend the life of your slippers and keep them looking their best.
As the Astoria soles are natural suede, pre-treating them with a water-proofer or stain guard like a Scotchgard will help them repel dirt, oil and water stains and will help extend the life of the suede
  • Pre-treated or not, the Astoria suede soles will patina over time and darken, like all natural leather will - this is normal. Pre-treating products with oils or aerosols of any kind will also darken the suede.
  • A suede cleaning solution and brush like the one in this kit by Angelus is excellent for getting out spots, stains and restoring the suede. It will not return it to 100% new condition, but it will help keep the suede clean and keep the nap in good condition.
    • Alternatively if you prefer a chemical free cleaning method, this Suede Care Kit works well with a little manual elbow grease applied.
        • The wool part of the slipper is a textile just like a wool sweater, so you can anticipate an occasional need to de-pill, re-fluff and refresh the fibers. Use a brush with soft to medium bristles - vinyl or natural are both fine. We recommend dry brushing both inside and outside the slippers to refresh the wool. 
        The suede cleaning brush in either of the above care kits is acceptable to use, just make sure the brush is clean beforehand!
        If you prefer a dedicated wool brush, this one is also great at removing stuck on animal hair! A bonus for all of us pet owners out there.