Why Felted Wool Slippers are the Best Slippers for Cold Feet

Did you that the warmest slippers for cold feet are made of felted wool?
Felted wool is the best material for slippers due to it's anti-microbial, wicking and insulating properties.Wool felt is the perfect insulator and has been keeping people warm for thousands of years.Wool's natural properties not only insulate, but they breathe and wick away moisture. Keeping feet dry is vital to maintaining a consistent, warm temperature in the slipper.
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    7 Reasons to Choose Felted Wool Slippers

    Treating yourself with a pair of felted wool house shoes is a worthwhile investment that can keep your feet comfortable and ready to start the day. They’re soft, fluffy, warm (cool, too), and don’t make your feet smell or itch. What else can you ask for? After all, your feet go through a lot every day; show them some love with cozy slippers.
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