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  • February 09, 2021 5 min read

    Did you just move into a spectacular house or replace your floors? Are you promising yourself that this will be the time that you make sure you really and truly care for the flooring beneath your feet?

    Let’s be honest, in the day-to-day chaos, you may not vacuum as much as you like or keep your kids from wreaking havoc, but you can invest in slippers that prevent the wear and tear that happens over time. Soft soled wool slippers are the best for wood and tile floors and introducing them to your household will protect you and your floors alike. Here’s why we recommend soft-soled wool slippers:

    Soft soled wool slippers are the best for delicate floors because they provide cushion and support while being gentle on the floors. Wool is a natural material that is soft and durable, so it won't scratch the floor. The suede sole on nootkas slippers has gentle texture for safety, but no tread. The tread-free design prevents dirt and rocks from being tracked around your house. Micro scratches from rocks is one of the main causes of floor damage over time. The soft wool sole also helps to absorb shock, reducing the impact on your joints when you walk - something all hard floor owners can appreciate. When those tile and wood floors are freezing in the winter, wool slippers provide a cozy, safe buffer between your feet and the cold floor.  

    What Are Soft-Soled Wool Slippers?

    Wool slippers are ideal for anyone looking for a luxurious yet breathable house shoe. Our soft-soled wool slippers are made from felted wool, which is created by layering raw wool roving over and over. These layers are formed into shoe shapes before being boiled, agitated, and made into shoe sizes. Finally, they are set in the sun to shrink the size and dry. Throughout this process, the fibers become thick and dense.

    The soft sole of the slipper means that it allows for a more flexible and natural movement. Often, soft-soled shoes are intended to allow people to function as if they were barefoot, which can be increasingly comfortable and practical.

    Below, we’ve listed out just a few of the reasons why you may consider purchasing soft-soled wool slippers.

    Why Wear Slippers on Wood or Tile Floors?

    Nootkas Slippers on WoodBoth hardwood and tile flooring have become the predominant flooring in the homes of the elegant, stylish, and frankly, rich. Yet, while they may look gorgeous in the showroom, they require maintenance to maintain their original form. If you decide to install them or purchase a home with them, you’ll need to adjust your actions accordingly. Fortunately, wearing slippers is not hard to do, and it’s the number one way that both flooring providers and interior designers suggest preventing daily damage to flooring.

    Foot health

    Did you know that leading podiatrists suggest wearing slippers at home as a great way to protect both your feet and flooring? Slippers are a shock absorber and help prevent foot pain. Our soft-soled wool slippers provide both cushioning and support with materials that will mold to your foot over time. This means that they’ll provide light arch and foot support, limit the time spent barefoot, and slow down the “fat pad atrophy” of the bottoms of your feet. Our soft soled wool slippers all have zero drop construction, which many foot doctors are now recommending for daily wear around your home. Read about zero drop and see if it's right for you. 

    Floor protection

    Removing outside shoes at the door and replacing them with slippers upon entering your home keeps your home cleaner and your floors in better condition. The form of soft-soled wool slippers glides smoothly over wood floors and tile, minimizing scratches and preventing damage. In fact, soft soles are key to eliminating scratches and scuff marks everywhere. Hard soles on shoes can do real damage to your floors, and they’re why so many households have a “no shoes in the house rule” to begin with.

    Personal comfort

    Charcoal astoria slippers on wood floor

    As you look for the perfect slipper, personal comfort is sure to be on your mind. Everyone has an independent reason for wanting slippers. Do you hate walking around with bare feet? Are you worried you’ll slip? Are your feet constantly cold? Do you dislike how dirty your feet get no matter how often you clean? Personal comfort is an important factor as you start to look for the perfect slipper for you.


    Both hardwood and tile flooring can be slick and slippery if you’re only wearing socks. While soft-soled slippers will not scuff your floors, they will provide the perfect amount of grip to ensure you feel safe and secure while walking around your home.


    There’s no use pretending that you don’t track dirt and filth into your home on your shoes. Countless studies have shown us that bacteria often make their way into our lives and reside nowhere other than the floor. We recently wrote an article about the health benefits of wearing only house shoes or slippers inside your home. 

    • A University of Arizona study found nine different forms of bacteria were brought into homes on people’s shoes.
    • A University of Houston study found 39% of shoes they tested contained bacteria diff, which has become a major public health threat because it is resistant to a number of antibiotics.
    • A CDC study has found that the highest concentration of COVID-19 virus inside a hospital was found on the floor.
    Astoria slippers on wood stairs

    These statistics are only a small sampling of the truth that lies within your home. While it’s impossible to keep your home perfectly sanitary, it is within your power to eliminate a vast number of germs, bacteria, and filth by simply leaving your shoes at the door and swapping them out for soft-soled wool slippers. Some of your smallest family members (babies, dogs, etc.!) spend a great deal of time on your tile and wood floors…be mindful of this!


    Hardwood and tile flooring may be visually appealing, but they’re not the coziest of flooring options. When you get out of bed in the morning or walk in the door during the winter, you want something warm to put on your feet. Soft-soled wool slippers are the best option because they keep your feet warm without making them sweaty.

    Yes, we know what you’re thinking. Is that possible? If you’ve ever had a warm pair of slippers before, you’ve likely struggled with foot sweat. Even the least sweaty among us have about 250,000 sweat glands in their feet, and that’s more than anywhere else on the body. You can produce up to a pint of perspiration each day – just from your feet!

    Wool, however, is lightweight and can absorb up to 15% of its weight in water. The fibers will pull moisture away from your feet, absorb it, and then transfer it to the outer layers of the slipper where it can evaporate. This keeps you warm, dry, and smelling fresh as wool won’t allow the build-up of body odors.

    Safeguard your floors with wool slippers!

    Are you ready to find the perfect soft-soled wool slipper to wear on your tile or wood flooring? We have so many to choose from, the hardest part will be picking your favorite color.

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