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  • March 17, 2021 4 min read

    Why are wool slippers good for all seasons? We'll fill you in. 

    Everyone loves their slippers when it’s chilly outside, but as soon as the temperature creeps up, they’re a little – okay (we’ll say it!), a LOT – less cozy. Fleece and fur are great in the winter but the summer? They mean sweaty and stinky feet. No one wants that.

    Investing in slippers means investing in a pair of house shoes that you can wear year-round. You want something that looks, feels, and smells great. Here’s why wool slippers are great for the summer. 


    1. Wool slippers wick moisture

    Nootkas Astoria Heather wicking moisture

    When people come in from outside during a hot and humid summer day, the first thing they do is strip off their socks and shoes to let their feet “breathe.” Most people can’t fathom having a slipper that does the same, but then again, most people have never had wool slippers. Wool is a natural material that is considered “moisture-wicking.” It always tops the list of moisture-wicking fabrics because it’s lightweight and breathable.

    Wool has an interesting method for wicking moisture. As a hygroscopic fiber, wool readily absorbs liquid up to 35% of its own weight. It also wicks it out through the small openings within the fabric. The ultimate result is that the surface of the wool yarns will always remain dry to the touch while your feet do the same. You never have to worry about that hot and sweaty feel that makes you want to kick off your shoes when you’re wearing wool slippers.


    2. Wool slippers are resistant to body odor

    When people think about wearing slippers in the summer, they worry about two things: sweat and stench. Will you risk making your slippers stink just by wearing them on a hot and sweaty day? Not if you buy wool slippers!

    Due to the fiber’s unique properties, wool is also resistant to body odor. Could it be more perfect? Here are just some of its unique moisture management properties.

    • As noted above, wool is a hygroscopic fiber. This means it readily absorbs moisture, which keeps the skin surface drier and discourages bacteria growth (read: what makes fabric smell!).
    • Wool slippers absorb and lock away odors while you wear them. Bacteria are bound within the fiber where bacteria do not thrive, and as a result, the garments remain fresher for longer.
    • A study conducted by the Institute of Frontier Materials at Deakin University found that wool had the highest odor sorption capacity among all the tested fabric.


    Nootkas Astoria Slipper Bordeaux by window

    3. Wool slippers are breathable

    Wool is a naturally breathable fabric, which makes it ideal for hot summer days. The material helps protect the body against changes in temperature and moisture levels during movement and exercise. And while you won’t be exercising in your slippers, you will be using them as house shoes. As you walk around your home, your wool slippers will help you regulate your body temperature in an area of your body that is vitally important for this. Your feet have both a large surface area and a lot of blood vessels, and they can open up to let more blood flow. This means that properly regulating the temperature of your feet allows you to be more comfortable overall.

    Purchasing wool slippers is a great idea if you’re looking to remain cool and comfortable in the summer. You’ll have a high-quality and moisture-wicking house shoe to provide your foot support that also helps to regulate your body temperature.


    4. Wool slippers are lightweight

    During the summer, it’s all about wearing lighter clothing. At the first opportunity, people are dying to bust out their shorts, t-shirts, and swimsuits! This is because your body stays cooler when more air is allowed to pass over it.

    Those chunky slippers you wear in the wintertime? They’re probably not going to make the cut when summer comes around. Fortunately, wool slippers are optimal to pair with your new lightweight outfit. Their breathability attracts more air to pass through them, and they remove excess moisture and heat from accumulating.

    So, regardless of the season, your wool slippers will do the job. Even in the warm summer months!


    5. Wool slippers are packable

    Are you ready to jet-set on summer vacation? Don’t leave home without your Nootkas! As the wool slipper of choice, Nootkas are a lightweight and slim design, which makes them the perfect house shoe to take with you on any trip. They’re easy to pack and can protect your feet in any hotel room or vacation house. Having your wool slippers with you on a trip is like having a little piece of home with you. Once you’ve taken them with you once, you’ll never want to.

    @thekarebear wearing nootkas in tent

     image courtesy of @thekarebear

     6. Wool slippers support foot health

    Because of the weather, more people are prone to go barefoot in the summertime. Unfortunately, going barefoot all the time isn’t good for your feet. Our feet are naturally arched, and these get flattened when you walk barefoot. You’re also at risk of picking up infections or conditions from walking around without shoes. In fact, people often notice that their feet hurt after walking for an extended period of time while barefoot. Fortunately, wool slippers give you the breathability that you need to feel comfortable without having to go barefoot.


    Final thoughts

    Now that we are close to the end of the pandemic, you may be only be thinking about your new summer wardrobe for outside activities. Don't forget to treat yourself for the times you stay home? Support your feet while keeping them clean and dry. Nootkas are 100% natural wool and dye-free. Visit Nootkas to shop today.