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Women's Astoria Wool House Slippers


Soft, cozy and hand felted from responsibly sourced New Zealand wool. The Astoria house slipper for women is not your average boiled wool slipper. Shaped for a sleek and modern silhouette with minimalist styling. Warm, breathable and naturally odor resistant. Handmade from the highest quality natural materials, these are a perfect gift for yourself or a lucky loved one!

Product Features
  • Hand felted Merino wool
  • Heather Grey and Oatmeal are 100% natural, uncolored, dye-free wool
  • Colors are gently tinted with non-toxic, AZO-free dye
  • Zero-drop construction for better posture and joint alignment
  • Padded wool mid-sole is cushioning and provides light support
  • Soft suede outsole - recommended for indoor wear only
  • Mulesing free, responsibly sourced wool from New Zealand
  • Hand crafted in a Fair Trade Certified facility in Nepal
  • Size Chart
    womens size chart
    Fit Guide
  • Runs slightly large and slightly wide.
  • For medium/average feet - size down 1/2 size for snug barefoot wear.
  • To wear with socks or for a medium/wide foot - order your usual size.
  • Narrow feet - size down one full size. Wide feet - size up one half size.
  • Slipper will loosen roughly 1/2 size with long term wear.
  • Best for: This slipper will fit best on a medium to medium/wide foot. Built with a generous toe box. This style may not be comfortable for women with a high arch or high instep as the slipper has a low instep (over top of foot). Please note that wool padded mid-sole does NOT provide structured arch support.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 184 reviews
    Perfect Slippers

    I found these slippers when googling "slippers that won't stink with sweaty feet." I had fleece-lined slippers for years, but I couldn't wear them without socks because my feet would sweat and they would smell so bad! I've worn my nootkas for a few weeks now and even vacuumed the house in them barefoot and they don't smell bad a bit (they actually smell kinda like sheep lol, but that's better than stinky feet smell, and it's only if you smell them really really closely)! I'm so thankful for these slippers! They are well worth the price. I got the size 37 and usually wear a 7-7.5, so I would recommend your usual size or a bit down (a 37 is 6.5-7.) especially if your feet run on the narrow side. They keep my feet warm without having socks on which is a great! Thanks for making a great product, nootka!

    Clara P.
    I could sleep in these!!

    These are the most awesome house slippers I ever had, and I’m not exxagerating! So comfortable, easy to put on and take off, very light, very warm, and very stylish! The sole does get dirty, although I only wear them inside. I’ve been wearing them everyday for about a month and they don’t smell at all! I should probably wash them with a cloth but I’m a bit scared that I’d destroy them. Any tips I’d appreciate. Here’s a pic of them after being worn for a month. My house is not that dirty but I do have cats, lol! Interestingly, they left them alone :)

    Heather L.
    Very comfortable, flexible fit

    Edit: Nootkas contacted me after my review and suggested I massage the toes of my slippers to mold them to my foot better and adjust the shape. I did and it has helped a lot. They aren’t perfectly even as one toe is a bit bigger than the other but that is the nature of handmade products and adds to their charm. My slippers have really molded to my foot and just get more comfortable with wear.

    No stinky, sweaty feet,
    Very lightweight,
    Comfortable for all day wear,
    Fit adjusts to your foot given time

    Odd shaped toe.

    I have a very small foot, typically a 5-5.5 US, but gave these a shot because I figured if they were loose I could add and insole or wear thick socks. I was pleasantly surprised that they actually stay on my foot quite well, in spite of the fact that they are definitely a bit big. The toe is a little puffy looking and seems longer than necessary for the size, even given that these are a half size too big. Because of that they don’t look as cute on me as the pictures. That said, I love them and they feel like they are starting to mold to my foot. My feet tend to sweat profusely, even barefoot in cool weather and they get smelly quickly. I haven’t had sweaty feet in these yet and my feet don’t smell after wearing all day which has never happened before. They are significantly lighter than any other slipper I’ve owned and feel quite soft and not itchy at all. I give these a solid 5 stars.

    Hi Heather, thank you for your feedback. You may be able to adjust the shape of the toe by giving your slippers a little massage in the right direction. The wool is very flexible and can be manipulated and reshaped to some degree. Thanks! - Nootkas

    Stephanie K.
    Warm and quiet

    Just started using my Nootka slippers. They fit just as advertised. I got them so I could slip some sort of foot covering off and on while caring for my granddaughter. I usually wear sandals or clogs and I had a hard time finding slippers with a soft sole that I liked.
    My bare feet made more noise than I liked on the tile while the slippers keep my footsteps more silent and keep my feet warm.

    Jillian S.
    The most comfortable slippers with the BEST customer service around!

    These are the most comfortable slippers I have ever had. I love them! Plus, I sent a note over to the customer care team and they were so prompt and helpful. Now, I am thinking about who I can gift these to next. Nootkas rock.

    Shine ON

    Dawn M.
    Best slippers ever! Best customer service ever!

    My Nootkas are the most comfortable slippers I have ever worn. I know what everyone is getting for Christmas 2021!!

    Lisa G.

    I love my house shoes! They keep my feet warm, not sweaty!

    Paola M.
    Love my Nootkas!

    So comfortable and cozy + great customer service !!